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Small Tools to Simplify Compliance

I'm Brendan, a software developer, Registered QA Professional in GLP, and President of HaiQu Software.

Over the years I have built many tools to increase data quality, assure compliance for clients, and simplify my day-to-day work. I believe that taking small steps to simplify compliance will result in better Data Quality and Study Integrity. That's why I'm working to bring some of these tools to you, the QA and Regulatory professionals of the world, to help simplify compliance for you and your facility.

If you believe that it's the little things that add up to Data Quality and Study Integrity, subscribe now and keep up-to-date on what we have in store. In the meantime, read about some of the projects we have on the go!

Spreadsheets in a Regulated Environment

Coming Soon! Spreadsheet development tips and tutorials, QC and validation tools for your regulated studies.

In the meantime, Contact us if you need a hand.

Archive e-Data

Coming Soon! Archiving tools for the small shop and independent QA. Automated indexing, an audit trail and M-disc ready.

Contact Us for details.

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